Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Magical Dust

If there is one thing that is a hallmark of Todos Santos, it is the dust. There are only a very few paved roads, and the increased affluence of locals (resulting in lots of fast vehicles), coupled with the innate need of Mexicans to drive fast, leads to a constant drizzle of dust over much of the town. And the dust seems to have strange effects on the ex-pats who make their home here ...


Omnipresent, omnipotent
The Magic Dust of Todos Santos swirls energized around the hungry town
Drawing strength from dreams of rebirth alloyed with greed
“How authentic!” the eager-eyed new supplicants declare
Those indentured to the town know better
You can fight it, but it always wins
Ingratiating itself into every crevice
Smudging the raw experience of life
Into an acceptable muted facsimile of reality
Narrowing the field of vision
Progressively constricting the nose, the eyes, the mind
Till all that’s needed for sustenance is a steady diet of gossip
Seasoned with disdain for those Muggles
Unqualified to experience

The truly authentic Todos Santos

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