Monday, 17 December 2007

Beach Time

Just 5 minutes from the centre of Todos Santos (well, maybe 10 minutes, given the rain-ravaged state of the roads), you can be on the beach to the North of the town. This long stretch of untouched sand, dunes and raw Pacific is a place to reconnect with yourself. A friend of mine likes to walk along the beach, sliding down sand banks on her heels, reveling in the spray on her face, and letting her inner child play. We all have different ways of connecting. I like to sit and watch.

By the Sea

I sit on the dune
Sun-seared sand sliding softly through my fingers and toes
Watching the sea perform its dance of intimacy with the virgin beach
Sometimes advancing with roaring passion
Waves blushing white
Sometimes retreating reluctantly with deep sighs
Always together

A dart of silver fish is suspended, momentarily, in the turquoise curl of a wave
And is gone

A necklace of identical pelicans
Joined invisibly
Glides silently and effortlessly across the union between sea and beach
Measuring a constant height above the ecstatic waves

Above me, ephemeral wisps of clouds emerge
Play briefly, and fade
In the crystalline sky

I am here
And a million miles from anywhere.

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