Monday, 31 December 2007

Sunrise in Todos Santos

One aspect of Todos Santos that continues (thankfully) to amaze me is the strength and purity of the light. When the sun rises up in the morning above the massive Sierra Lagunas and the local hills, it doesn’t shine with timidity. It sears its way onto the landscape, razor sharp (that is unless there is a local mist or bonfire of plastic refuse to diffuse the intensity!). I like to start my mornings enjoying the way the sun points you to looking at things differently.


The sun thunders over the hill
With precision timing
Blasting the tenuous streetscape with clarity

Invisible rays
As if in a vacuum
With no warning, no precursor
Seek out namesake flowers
Illuminating them from within
Burning them with radiant color
Breathing pulsating life
All else around now invisible

The miraculous beauty of those objects
Revealed to jaded eyes
For a lifetime of a few minutes
Till the sun abandons them
In its daily climb
Leaving the flowers
Muted, as before
But now comprehended.

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