Saturday, 29 December 2007

Walking on Cerritos

Even with the development that has happened at Cerritos, it is possible to escape quickly to miles of beach that remain relatively untouched. I find walking in this special place is a way to connect with whatever is going on inside at that moment.

Walking on Cerritos

The sea slinks back from its battle with the land
Leaving the weary sand flattened

I start to walk, bare footed
Quickly abandoning the structured rows of chairs
That frame expectant crowds
The babble of excitement
Fading into white noise
Then submerging under the drone of the sulking sea

My toes sink into cool, granular wetness
Where the battle has just ended, the result still in doubt

Pace slackening
Matching the darkly contemplative mood of my thoughts
Feet now met by the hardness
Of endless sand resplendent
A dried crust cracking
To pristine softness below

A million sparkles of light
Ghosts of battles long past
Scintillate in shimmery wetness
Patterns of dark and light
Swirl on the surface
Ephemeral beauty created by painful turmoil

Now I am alone
Save for the nervous sandpipers that precede me
Announcing my arrival to the emptiness
Feet moving without conscious control
As my mind chews tasteless cud

There, despoiling the sand ahead, are perfect footprints
Appearing, as if from nowhere
Measured stride trumpeting confidence
But then gone
Erased by the final lunge of a desperate wave

And as the water slides back
Leaving nothing
I wish that I too could be cleansed
And emerge renewed.

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