Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Dance of Life

It’s so easy to get absorbed by the frantic social calendar in Todos Santos in the winter, to move to the common salsa beat of recycled conversations with multiple permutations of the same people. We gravitate to patterns of obsessing about building dream houses, encrusting existing ones with new embellishments, trying to cocoon in a comfortable paradise with no worries – save, perhaps, losing all that to criminal elements.

But quieter moments remind me that these, in reality, are mere diversions.

Life Partners

We skip merrily along
Building ornate edifices and artifacts
To fill the awful vacuum of existence
Weaving glittering fabric of friendships and relationships
To decorate the spaces between
And build what we call Life

While Death and Nothingness
Waltz alongside
Confident in our eventual meeting
Patiently and silently waiting
Behind a mental barrier
That we invoke for safety

But sometimes
When the drapery of acquaintanceship thins
When frantic energy fades
The membrane between us
And our ever present partners
Becomes translucent
Throwing their dark piercing and merciless light
On all that we have built
Illuminating its insignificance and futility
Drawing us irresistibly like moths to the glare
To peer inside their unimaginable bottomless void
Till we can take no more
Must close our eyes
And resume the dance.

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