Saturday, 19 January 2008

Enraptured by Flowers

I love the beauty of real flowers. Luckily, in Comox, there are plenty of cut flowers to be had for many months of the year. My favourites are the dahlias in the Fall, with their incredible range of symmetrical shapes and pure colours, so reminiscent of English gardens. Todos Santos, like the rest of Baja, seems to focus more on plastic flowers, a great abomination in my view. But you can often get real sunflowers here, and they can bring cheer, temporarily, to any dark space.

Flame out

Petals of purest cadmium yellow
Cluster together in circular symmetry
Entice the sun to look upon its image

And when it kisses the flower
The petals play with the strident light
Softening its harshness
And in their predestined embrace
They glow ecstatically
With the pleasure of internal illumination
Dispelling the darkness around

But in these moments of pleasure
The seeds of death germinate
As the fickle sun disengages
The flower rains golden tears
Petals lose focus
And fall
Leaving yellow detritus
On the dark dusty soil.

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