Tuesday, 15 January 2008

A Foggy Day in Todos Santos town...

Being on the Pacific Ocean, Todos Santos can experience marine fog at times, usually as the land mass warms up substantially in May or June. This year, we have had a couple of instances of fog early in the season, probably because we have also had some exceptionally pleasant heat. The fog changes the town, and the air has a wonderfully fresh quality when it drifts in. The fog doesn’t typically outlast the morning, and when it’s gone, it is as if it had never visited.

Comox also has its fogs: long-lasting, denser, clammier, later in the year, like the impenetrable autumnal “mists” of traditional England. Todos Santos fogs are more like the remembered days of my childhood summers in England, where the transient early morning vapours spelled promise for a delicious day ahead.

Summer Echoes

It starts with a smudging of the horizon
A dirtying of the rim of the pure blue cupola
That mirrors a densely limpid sea

Heralded by a quickening of the air
The fog slides silently over the beach
On the eager morning wind

Tracing the contours of the land
It fills the hollows
With grey opaque softness
Disappearing buildings, gardens, people
Dulling the sounds of business
Returning the town to its empty past

As the sun flickers above
Tendrils caress the palm leaves
Sighing in the soft breeze
The air refreshes
With the contradiction of chilled heat
Smelling of fertile promise
An echo of distant summers long past

The desert sun perseveres
Dissolving greyness wisp by wisp
Increasing chroma
Till all that is left
Is a memory of coolness
And a few drops of dew
Hiding in the greenery.

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