Thursday, 10 January 2008

Looking Inside

Not everything in Todos Santos (or probably Comox) is as it first seems. An initial external viewpoint of the town can seem naïve or single-faceted after you are immersed in the environment. And the face that people project here, deliberately or otherwise, isn’t always a solid image of their true self. Stay here long enough though, in this time-suspended bubble of reflection, and you may have to come face to face with these inconsistencies.

A Glassy Stare

I saw him as soon as I entered the room
Strangely familiar
I’d caught glimpses of him before
At social gatherings, reflected
In a glass, or shiny jewelry
Older than me, shorter
Definitely less guapo
Yet so confident
At home in alien surroundings
Flitting from one superficial conversation to another
Like an accomplished dilettante

But now he seems different
Fragile, vulnerable
His face a picture of world weary, ineffable sadness
As if he were lost
He turns to look at me
With a gaze that seeks answers
Demands a response
Trying to connect

I stare back
Drawn as if a passerby to a car wreck
Sucked into the darkness within his eyes
But I have nothing to give back
Can’t break through the gap between us
It’s so uncomfortable
I turn to break the stare
Leave the bathroom
And he leaves too
Mirroring my actions.

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