Monday, 28 January 2008

Walking in the Sierra De La Lagunas

Todos Santos sits where the massive Sierra De La Laguna mountain range falls down to the sea. It provides a beautiful scenic backdrop, and collects rainfall that feed the springs which, in the past, and even now, provide the life blood for the town. Follow the dirt roads that lead you to the base of the mountains, and, even though you are still physically close to the familiar, you enter a different world, away from the hustle of the town itself, and entirely different in sound and nature from the relaxed, open environment of the beaches.

Silent Warfare

It’s silent here
No remnant sounds of trucks or construction
To drag us back
No wind rustling the bounty of dried seedpods
Decorating the trees
No melodic chatter of birds
So numbingly quiet
We feel a need to fill the awkward gap
Speak too much
The sounds of our brave voices
And our footsteps
Out of place
But swallowed as soon as created
Leaving nothing

But under the veneer of peaceful silence
In this natural cathedral
A battle rages
So slowly we hardly notice its progression
The roots of fig trees claw
At raw rock
Pierce through weaknesses
Perhaps for support
Or sustenance
Or simply to wring life from inanimate matter
Cactus, tree and vine entwine
In a fight to reach the sun first
And in the sandy echo of a river bed
Smooth granitic boulders
Wait patiently, silently for the summer’s rain
To continue their grinding
Path of destruction
To the sea.

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Ian Lidster said...

Nice words and nice picture, and as I gaze out my window at the white crap on the Comox ground, I envy you Todos. Would be heavenly.