Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Entropy Inaction

The same climate and proximity to the sea that we, as humans, love so much, is less than kind to inanimate objects. Entropy certainly rules in Todos Santos. Maintenance of buildings and paintwork is an on-going task, but one that can bring some satisfaction, if approached in the right frame of mind.

The Gate

It’s just a gate that I am painting
A utilitarian object
Not an impassioned expression
Of creative art

I’m irritated
By the sticky residue
On my hands and arms
Vivid testament
To the adhering qualities of premium paint
My arm, my shoulder, my legs ache

But, as I brush the paint
Over the stained, faded and pockmarked surface
As each crenellation is covered
With a coat of luscious liquid colour
A colour that pulls me into its warming cool depths
It is as if I were cancelling
The law of entropy
That dominates this town

Soon, far too soon
The magic will end
The law suspended, not repealed
Hardly waiting for paint to dry
Crystalline dust will add trademark highlights
Of Todos Santos Taupe
To the horizontal surfaces
Birds, whose company I so enjoy
Will rest a while before expressing themselves
On the pristine surface
And careless visitors
Will unknowingly scratch
The perfection
Because it is
Just a gate

But for now
I am content to gaze with wonder
On my pedestrian
Work of art.

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