Sunday, 9 March 2008

Blue Perfection

Although it is not even Spring yet, Todos Santos seems almost transported to Summertime, with day after day of perfection, as far as weather is concerned. The heat of the sun draws energy from everything. Casual visitors find it wonderful. But perhaps you can have too much of “wonderful”?

Lazy blues

On this blue lazy day
The sleepy sea can hardly stir itself
Slopping wavelets unconsciously
Against the static shore
The wind plays truant
Perhaps cuddling with the clouds
That are nowhere in sight
Only the valiant reliable sun rises, on time
Climbing into a sky that defines every blue
From pale faded horizon
To polarized intensity
Approaching violet

Roasting the hills to a golden ochre
Draining life and colour from the land
Till the Sierras fade
From dominating mountains
To stacked cardboard cutouts
Washed with shades of blue
A postcard background
To a perfect seaside

And yet
In this blue stained perfection
Admired by gawping tourists
I find myself blue
Missing the messy imperfections
That bring life
To reality.

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