Monday, 17 November 2008

The changing of the palette

I have been waking up much too early recently, before the light seeps into the sky. The arrival of the day heralds a remarkable and ephemeral series of changes in the colours of Todos Santos

Colour Shift

The dew-laden earth breathes subtle cool airs
Fragrant with possibilities
As black turns to diluted grey
Tentative whispers of the pre-dawn town are amplified
I lie in bed, watching colour leach infinitesimally into the sky
Now a deathly grey blue that has no name
Infinite and empty
Save for projected motes floating in my eyes
As the sun leaps over the Sierra de la Lagunas
The emptiness is pierced
By a myriad of fluttering birds
All unique, yet the same in the gilding of the freshly minted light
That now ignites the ochre courtyard walls
In searing contrast to the still cool sky
It’s over in a few minutes
The sun in clear control of the sky
Shocking it into the accustomed piercing blue
Birds regain their rightful plumage
And Todos Santos assumes its daytime palette.

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