Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Lessons in Transience

If there is one thing at which Todos Santos excels, it is in teaching you about the transience of all things. Overlaid on the seasonal ebb and flow of part-time residents is a surface patter of splashy arrivals and departures of vacationers and day-trippers. And below this surface noise, Todos Santos will still remind you that nothing is forever. Stable relationships dissolve into shattered angry pieces. Long term residents who form the bedrock of the community move on, to other places or from this world forever.

It’s hard not to get disturbed by this churning, to realize that there is nothing to which you can anchor, even as you accept its inevitability and the new opportunities that change can bring.

When I am in danger of being overwhelmed, I find that the ocean can sometimes bring a sense of integration and peace.

Constant liquidity

A draftsman’s horizon demarks perfectly
and constantly
the break between distant desaturated sky
and inky concentrated water

The naked beach is still here
as it was days, years before
Before I came here

All serve to lull the innocent observer
Into dreams of mathematical precision and certainty

But look closer
The placid sea erupts in a tempest of fleeing fish
and is still again
as if they never were
And the sand that I sit on
Is not the sand that was here yesterday

And yet, somehow
With the tuneless whistle of the afternoon breeze
caressing my ears
Somehow, for a brief while
The incongruities resolve mindlessly
And a flicker of peace crosses my consciousness.

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Anonymous said...

Writing poetry is a brave man's game.
The photo is very good,the paterns the waves are creating in the sand are good subjects. You almost got this one.